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A multiphase harmonic load flow solution technique Xu, Wenyuan


This thesis presents a comprehensive solution technique for power system harmonic analysis with unbalanced load flow conditions. It is based on multiphase modelling of the system in phase quantities. Two of the most important features of this technique are the multiphase approach to the harmonic load flow problem, and the capability to add component nonlinearities easily. The first feature allows the technique to be used for either single-phase or three-phase, and for either balanced or unbalanced harmonic analysis. The second feature allows the later addition of power electronic device models. The technique is simple in concept. The nonlinear elements are first modelled as harmonic Norton equivalent circuits based on the network load flow conditions. These linear circuits are then included in the network solution with multiphase load flow constraints and network unbalances. Once the new load flow solutions are obtained, improved Norton equivalent circuits can be calculated, which in turn are used for improved network solutions. The entire solution scheme is therefore iterative, and stops when certain convergence criteria are met. The unbalanced harmonics from nonlinear inductors, synchronous machines and static compensators with thyristor-controlled reactors are studied in this thesis. The convergence properties of the technique are investigated with test cases and theoretical analysis. In addition to the harmonic load flow analysis, this technique can also be used as an improved initialization procedure for the Electromagnetic Transient Program (EMTP).

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