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Roboscope : a rebotic input : output device for enhancing computer aimators creativity and expression Flores, Edgar


We describe a novel three dimensional (3D) bi-directional modular input/output device for choreographing and animating computer creatures called Roboscope. Our system consists of small, one degree of freedom robotic modules that can be assembled to create 1, 2 and 3 degree of freedom joints that are assembled into moveable and moving figures. As an input device, movement of the physical figure makes the computer figure move. As an output device, movement of the computer figure makes the physical figure move. Roboscope keeps the input and output workspace together and provides true multi-degree of freedom joints that enables animators to keep their attention focused on one task space rather than dividing it between screen and physical space. Roboscope also provides physical playback of stored movements and "undo" abilities for motion editing. These features support the animators' creative and expressive process better than current inputonly devices.

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