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A conceptual model for the computer simulation of Air Traffic Control Radar Surveillance systems Adibnia, Reza


The objective of this work is to identify and characterize a fundamental set of abstractions to design a software tool to simulate the behaviour of one or more Air Traffic Control (ATC) Primary Surveillance Radar (PSR) and Secondary Surveillance Radar (SSR) systems. The Air Traffic Control (ATC) radar data is very important in the provision of ATC services. Air traffic controllers use radar data to assure the separation of aircraft. Radar data contains information about the altitude of an aircraft. It also may have indications of emergency conditions transmitted by means of a transponder from an aircraft to a radar source on the ground. Simulating the generation of these radar data is important for training ATC operators and testing other ATC equipment that uses radar surveillance data as input. To simulate the generation of radar data, it is required to simulate aircraft, surveillance radar and the environment between aircraft and radar, which may consists of simulation of weather conditions and obstructions. Simulation provides useful means to analyze and study the reaction of ATC radar system against different conditions. In particular, simulation avoids the high cost and often high risk of using real inputs (i.e., flying real aircraft) for the purposes of training and equipment testing We have also demonstrated the practical application of the concepts presented in this dissertation through the implementation of an ATC radar simulation tool.

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