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Field-induced optical anisotropy in thin niobium oxide films Yee, Kai Kwan


An automated ellipsometer was used to study field-induced optical anisotropy in anodic niobium oxide films. The oxide films were found to change from the optically isotropic state to the optically anisotropic state when an electric field was applied normal to the film surface. The anisotropic refractive indices of the oxide films decreased quadratically while the thickness of the films increased quadratically with the applied field. The quadratic electro-optic coefficients were determined. The changes in refractive indices and in thickness of the oxide films were found to be independent of time. Field recrystallization of the anodic niobium oxide films was investigated using a scanning electron microscope. The results are compared with those reported for anodic tantalum oxide films in the published literature.

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