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Effect of system and environmental parameters upon coverage provided by the ORBCOMM land mobile satellite system Ma, Jueren (Steven)


While land mobile satellite systems operating at VHF (150 MHz) should provide better coverage in urban and suburban environments than similar systems that operate at L-band (1 GHz and above), previous work has not quantified the improvement. Here, we fill that gap by presenting results obtained with a 3D-satellite signal propagation model that we have developed around the NEC-BSC U T D code. Results obtained using a representative street geometry show that the mean signal at VHF may be as much as 6 dB stronger than that at L-band with a standard deviation that is almost 2 dB less. Results also show that an antenna with a hemispherical pattern can provide much more effective coverage than the A/4 monopole antenna which has traditionally been the most popular antenna for ORBCOMM applications.

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