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Wide area multimedia stream multicasting using active networks Lo, Aaron


This thesis addresses the difficulties in multicasting multimedia stream over wide area networks. Wide area networks are dynamic in nature. The number of clients is also dynamic. The number of clients can become arbitrary large and can have drastically different abilities and requirements. We identify the four intrinsic requirements for single source multimedia stream multicast in wide area networks. The four requirements are adaptation to dynamic conditions, scalability, light-weight setup, and accommodation of heterogeneous QoS requirements. We propose A-QoS-MM, a data dissemination and group membership service that meets the four requirements. A-QoS- MM is a soft-state reverse shortest path forwarding tree construction algorithm using active networks. The application level processing power provided by active networks gives A-QoS-MM an application level abstraction within the network. A-QoS- MM facilitates deployment of application specific processing within the network. Application specific processing and A-QoS-MM can provide a full set of multimedia multicast services. We tested A-QoS-MM on control, communication and computational costs. We found that control cost and total computational cost operate in an opposite direction with communication cost and average computational cost. We stated that a network configuration should favour communication cost and average computational cost.

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