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Matched filter bounds for fast fading Rician channels Dinesh, Vaibhav


A new matched filter bound (MFB) for a dispersive Rician fading channel with unrestricted normalized Doppler rate is presented. Analytical expressions are derived for BPSK modulation. The channel model is based on the standard linear time varying filter. The BER performance, in general, is found to improve with an increase in the fading rate due to the inherent diversity present within a single pulse. The shape of the transmitted pulse is shown to affect the BER in fast fading conditions. It has been found that the specular component improves the BER at lower fading rates; for very high fading rates, the implicit diversity effect becomes dominant in diminishing the effect of fading. Discrete (two and three beam) models are assumed for the dispersive channel. The error bounds for the three-beam model are derived as a function of the inter-beam delay and correlation parameters. In general, the delay spread was found to result in lowering the BER for both the slow and fast fading cases when the fading in the beams is uncorrelated. In the two-beam frequency selective case, the BER is very sensitive to the degree of beam overlap. Finally, assuming errors in estimating the channel fading waveform, the BER for a non-ideal receive filter is obtained. It was observed that, for the specified model, the system degradation is higher for phase mismatches than for amplitude mismatches for a given error variance.

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