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Novel push-model framework for realizing multi-service MPEG4 streams in broadcast applications Mohamed, Amr M.


In this thesis, a new broadcast framework is proposed for realizing the MPEG4 media content. This framework defines some possible techniques that may be used for realizing MPEG4 streams in broadcast applications. The thesis proposes solutions to some of the problems associated with broadcasting MPEG-4 media streams regarding service advertisement, media streams management, transport-level streams synchronization, and bandwidth control. To verify the functionality of this framework, a client/server software has been developed, which includes two main modules for service advertisement and MPEG-4 media streams management and delivery. The software architecture adopts the push model for data distribution in all modules to minimize the information delivered on the upstream network media. The service advertisement module adopts SAP/SDP protocol stack for announcing services' description. The media streams management module adopts the MPEG- 4 DMIF standard for media streams management. The framework comprises the main portions for broadcasting MPEG-4 streams including data channels multiplexing to group the data channels' flows to one or more network flows, and client random access to allow clients to access the service at any time during the service presentation. The implementation uses MPEG-4 IM1 reference software for elementary streams creation, decoding, and synchronization. The implementation tackles some issues related to the broadcast data delivery. These issues include transport-level data channels synchronization for synchronizing service's audio-visual objects before data transport. The implementation also includes two algorithms for server's bandwidth control. ServicePacketDrop algorithm controls the server's bandwidth on the service level while ObjectPacketDrop control the server's bandwidth on the object level.

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