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Scalable content creation for mobile internet Zhao, Jie


This thesis presents a new design of information architecture for the mobile Internet to achieve scalable content creation. The core originality of our design is a data structure for Web content encoding. With a unique tree hierarchy, this data structure enables the information architecture to take advantage of many open technologies for Internet content development, resulting in a dynamic adaptation of Web content based on variations in communication channel conditions and terminal device capabilities. Compared with proposals offered by other researchers, our design accomplishes content adaptation based on a more detailed analysis of the channel and device, an approach highly necessary for today's digital world of flourishing multimedia. As an empirical evaluation, a three-tier Web-browsing application is built to show that our solution can reach the adaptation objectives with an easy and cost-effective implementation. Thus, our design can be quickly employed in content creation for the mobile Internet. Furthermore, through extensions, our work can serve end-users through attractive mobile applications, while contributing significantly to the development of the mobile Internet.

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