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A soft decision concatenated coding scheme for mobile packet radio applications Poon, Patrick C.H.


Concatenated coding systems can offer good error performance over severely degraded channels. The combination of an inner trellis code and an outer Reed Solomon code has been a popular choice since it offers a good compromise between performance and complexity. In this thesis, a concatenated coded modulation scheme based on trellis coded modulation and a Reed Solomon code in the presence of Rayleigh fading is studied. The inner decoding process uses a soft output Viterbi algorithm which produces reliability information along with its output. This information is used to erase unreliable symbols in the decoded output. An errors-erasures Reed Solomon decoder is then used for the outer code. The block error probability performance gain achievable through the use of a soft output Viterbi algorithm in concatenated coding is studied using analysis and simulation. The effect of finite interleaving for the outer code is also considered.

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