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Performance evaluations of wireless Internet access using the Wireless Applications Protocol Sheoran, Shailesh


The popular Internet protocol stack, TCP/IP, is not suitable for low bandwidth, high latency wireless channels. Problems associated with TCP's throughput in wireless conditions has necessitated the development of alternative protocols that can provide efficient means of transmitting Internet content over a wireless network. Wireless Applications Protocol (WAP) is one such alternative to using TCP/IP for accessing Internet services over wireless channels. In this thesis, the performance of two different WAP network configurations, one being more secure than the other is evaluated and compared under varying Internet and wireless conditions. Effect of asymmetric conditions is also studied. Possibility of providing WAP services over wireless bearers with no error recovery Link Layer is also evaluated experimentally. Simulations indicate that the secure configuration, termed as the alternate configuration (AC), has a better performance than non-secure standard configuration (SC) for good (1% FER) and average (6% FER) wireless conditions. SC has better performance on bad wireless conditions (44% FER,

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