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Feasibility of security assessment in power systems using full time-domain solutions in the EMTP Lukic, Mazana


Security assessment is one of the key functions in planning and operation of power systems. It has become especially important as power systems are now operating under more stressed conditions due to increase in load, lack of initiative for developing the transmission network, and uncertainties in power transfer schedules brought by deregulation. Static security assessment uses well established tools for power system analysis. However, increased complexity of the system and its operation close to the operating limits has brought the attention to the forms of instability that fail to be recognized by static tools. Therefore dynamic security assessment is becoming an increasingly important area of research. In this work the Electromagnetic Transients Program (EMTP), traditionally used for analysis of fast transients, has been considered as a tool for dynamic security analysis. The classical generator model and exponential load model have been coded in the C++ programming language and adapted for full time-domain simulations in the EMTP. The Dynamic Data Exchange facility in the Microsoft Windows operating system environment is used to enable on-line switches manipulation and a user interface is developed for simulation monitoring. The proposed models were tested for different systems and compared with the results from the literature obtained by conventional stability programs. The results presented in this work show that the proposed models are applicable for stability analysis using full time-domain solution in the EMTP. Emphasis is made on the validity of the classical generator model restricted to the first second after initiating a disturbance. User interaction with the running simulation is made possible through switches manipulation and visual monitoring that makes the EMTP more suitable for stability type of analysis. The EMTP was successfully tested for simulation of a large power system with 3600 buses.

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