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An effective time-domain based periodic steady-state solution algorithm Wang, Qing


Time-domain steady-state analysis of a class of nonlinear networks with periodic inputs is stud ied in this thesis. The problem is formulated as a particular type of the two-point boundary value (TPBV) problem. After treatment of the boundary conditions, the very efficient relax ation method is used to solve the problem. The relaxation matrix presented has a special band form, and a backward-computation plus forward-substitution algorithm is proposed to compute the correction of history sources. Since the direct inversion of the relaxation matrix is avoided, the algorithm requires minimal computational effort. The performance of the proposed method for steady-state analysis is demonstrated and compared with other methods for four examples: a linear RLC network, a nonlinear RLC network, one dc power supply circuit, and one rectifer circuit. The comparison among these methods shows that the proposed technique has a higher convergence rate and a wider convergence region than those of other methods.

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