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Real time distributed network simulation with pc clusters Hollman, Jorge Ariel


This work presents a new architecture layout to perform real time network simulations distributed among multiple IBM1-compatible desktop computers. A network simulation with a PC cluster scheme can successfully cope with the size of growing power systems and fast transient studies. A powerful product has been developed using off-theshelf Pentium II 400 Mhz personal workstations with a commercially available real-time operating system, standard I/O interfaces, a multimachine scheme and the RTNS2 realtime power system simulation software as core solver. Models based on the standard tool worldwide for power systems transients simulations, the EMTP program [1],[2], and improved ones for real time performance assure accurate simulation results. Taking advantage of the hardware and software characteristic of the designed simulator, fast and accurate simulations can be executed in a very portable, efficient and economic platform, placing the presented simulator in a better competitive position than expensive TNA's supercomputer simulator systems.

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