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Open architecture controllers : real-time capabilities and interoperability Õtkũnc, Cemile Bũke


Open architecture controllers are used in manufacturing systems for providing reconfigurability, extendibility, and portability of control modules. One drawback of current open architecture controller standards is that they do not include specifications for real-time requirements. Another drawback is that it is not possible to use a control application defined for one standard on another open architecture controller. Furthermore, an application running on one open architecture controller cannot communicate with an application implemented using a different standard. In this thesis, the application programmers interfaces of two open architecture controllers, namely OSACA and ORTS, are examined in terms of their hard real-time specifications. Two interfaces are developed and implemented for exchanging data between ORTS, a small memory real-time operating system, and other open architecture control systems. The first interface provides a bridge between ORTS and the European initiated open architecture control standard, OSACA. This TCP/IP based interface enables data transfer between ORTS and OSACA applications which can be implemented on a wide range of different platforms. The second interface provides a bridge between ORTS and the open architecture CNC, ISG NC Kernel. The interface uses shared memory and is therefore advantageous for small memory, high speed applications such as intelligent machining, monitoring and control applications.

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