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Performance issues in an interactive video-on-demand server Najafian Razavi, Maryam


This research project is an experimental investigation of resource management techniques that can improve the performance of Interactive Video-On-Demand (IVOD) servers. Examples of IVOD can be found in digital libraries, hyper-media, education, entertainment and telemarketing applications. Interactive video programs have some particular characteristics which need to be considered when designing an IVOD server. They consist of a series of short video segments which are created by on-line user interactions and need to be presented to the user in a particular order. The IVOD server must thus try to keep the latency before start-up and between video segments to minimum. Furthermore, user arrivals and departures are frequent in most of the IVOD applications, which causes the server to be in the transient state most of the time. Thus, The adverse effect of frequent transients on the performance of the server must also be addressed. In this research, we identify IVOD performance issues and propose several resource management strategies to improve the performance of our IVOD server in various aspects. An IVOD server is designed and implemented to aim evaluating the suggested techniques.

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