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H.26l : analysis and real-time encoding algorithms Joch, Anthony Peter


The digital video industry has experienced impressive growth in recent years as the driving force behind a number of applications such as videoconferencing, DVD-Video systems, digital cable television and Internet streaming of video. One of the major factors in the success of this industry has been the development and acceptance of international standards for video coding including ITU-T H.263 and ISO/IEC MPEG-2. In the continuation of this work, the ITU-T Video Coding Experts' Group (VCEG) is currently developing a next-generation video coding standard known as H.26L. This draft standard, which is scheduled for completion in 2002, offers new levels of compression performance and additional features beyond those available in earlier standards. However, these advantages come at the cost of increased complexity and computational demands. In this thesis, we analyze the rate-distortion performance of the H.26L standard and develop algorithms that increase the speed of video encoding while making minimal sacrifices in terms of rate-distortion performance. First, we establish the optimal rate-distortion performance of the emerging standard and compare this to all other popular visual coding standards. Results will illustrate the improved levels of coding performance that H.26L can provide. Next, we perform a detailed analysis of the features of H.26L that lead to improvements in compression performance. Through this analysis, we will establish a foundation for the development of reduced-complexity encoding algorithms that are intended to enable real-time video applications that can benefit from the improved compression performance of H.26L on current and emerging hardware platforms.

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