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Design of a CMOS colour palette integrated circuit for a Telidon graphics display Cheng, Gordon


The practicality of a simplified design method and algorithmic design tools in supporting large scale integrated circuit design was evaluated through the design of a custom CMOS integrated circuit (IC). The custom IC contained the colour map and digital-to-analog (DAC) conversion functions for a Telidon graphics display terminal. The digital data in the colour map determined the colour of the graphics display and was converted to analog signals to control the intensity of CRT electron guns. A scaled down prototype was designed, fabricated and tested. The prototype was functional except for a small number of errors in the layout. Subsequently a full scale prototype was designed. Simulation with the circuit simulator SPICE showed the circuit performance to be well within specification. The simplified design method and the algorithmic layout tools provided an affordable and workable means to design ICs. Moderately large scale integrated circuits could be designed following this approach. The advantages of algorithmic layout could be combined with interactive graphics on microcomputers to provide a greatly enhanced IC design support at affordable costs in the immediate future.

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