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Microcontroller-based current source inverter driven induction motor drive Mufford, William Edward


Current Source Inverter Induction Motor Drives (CSI-IM) are well suited to large power applications when regeneration is required. This thesis deals with the design and analysis of a flexible single chip microcontroller based CSI-IM drive. In order to demonstrate the merits of the adaptable microcontroller based system, two different types of outer loop speed/torque control strategies (Flux and Vector control) are discussed and discrete control laws are developed. Furthering the theme of microcontroller agility, two different types of inner loop current control scheme sare developed: simple proportional-integral feed back control, and direct model reference adaptive control (DMRAC) with feed forward back-electromotive-force (back-emf) compensation. The Vector and DMRAC is included not only to demonstrate the fact that high-performance control laws can be run on the microcontroller in real time, but also to show the benefits of these advanced control methodologies. The overall hardware and software development is discussed in detail. Experimental results, using a prototype unit,are presented to illustrate the potential of the microcontroller based CSI-IM drive.

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