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Implementation of a modal filtering procedure Fraser, David Raye


A FORTRAN program has been developed in order to investigate the process of modal parameter estimation and non-parametric system identification. The theory underlying the process of modal parameter estimation is reviewed and the decoupling of a MIMO system into several SISO systems is demonstrated. Modal filtering is shown to be useful in the field of non-parametric system identification and it is shown that it may also be of some use in the field of signal processing. The program is documented. It simulates the output of a n-th order system from which a smaller order subsystem can be decoupled. The modal parameters of a subsystem output signal and its first two derivatives and the modal parameters of a second subsystem output and its first derivative are calculated. The unit step response of the theoretical system and the subsystem are then calculated. The signals are then modal filtered to produce the periodic unit step response and the periodic unit square wave response. Finally, the discrete Fourier coefficients of the periodic unit step response are calculated.

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