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A vision system for a surgical instrument-passing robot Chan, Kenneth Ling-Man


To help control the high cost of health care delivery, a robotic system is proposed for use in passing surgical instruments in an operating room. The system consists of a vision system, a robotic arm, a speech recognition and synthesis unit, and a microcomputer. A complete vision system has been developed using standard and new techniques to recognize arthroscopic surgical instruments. Results of the vision system software evaluation gave an overall recognition accuracy of over 99%. Also, error conditions were analysed and found to be consistent with the results of a clinical survey on the proposed instrument-passing robot. As well, a payback and cost benefit analysis using estimated system costs and potential labour savings showed that the instrument-passing robot is economically feasible. Based on the results of this thesis, it was concluded that the instrument-passing robot would be beneficial for reducing the high cost of health care.

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