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Priority CSMA schemes for integrated voice and data transmission Ching, Kai-Sang


Priority schemes employing the inherent properties of carrier-sense multiple-access (CSMA) schemes are investigated and then applied to the integrated transmission of voice and data. A priority scheme composed of 1-persistent and non-persistent CSMA protocols is proposed. The throughput and delay characteristics of this protocol are evaluated by mathematical analysis and simulation, respectively. The approach of throughput analysis is further extended to another more general case, p-persistent CSMA with two persistency factors, the throughput performance of which had not been analyzed before. Simulations are carried out to study the delay characteristics of this protocol. After careful consideration of the features of the priority schemes studied, two protocols are proposed for integrated voice and data transmission. While their ultimate purpose is for integrated services, they have different application. One of them is applied to local area network; the other is suitable for packet radio network. The distinctive features of the former are simplicity and flexibility. The latter is different from other studies in that collision detection is not required, and that it has small mean and variance of voice packet delay. Performance characteristics of both of these protocols are examined by simulations under various system parameter values.

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