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Manipulator inverse kinematics based on recursive least squares estimation Hutchinson, Derek Charles Glenn


The inverse kinematics problem for six degree of freedom robots having a separable structure with the wrist equivalent to a spherical joint is considered and an iterative solution based on estimating the inverse Jacobian by recursive least squares estimation is proposed. This solution is found to have properties similar to Wampler's Damped Least Squares method and provides a stable result when the manipulator is in singular regions. Furthermore, the solution is more computationally efficient than Wampler's method; however, its best performance is obtained when the distances between the current end effector pose and the target pose are small. No knowledge of the manipulator's geometry is required provided that the end effector and joint position data are obtained from sensor information. This permits the algorithm to be readily transferable among manipulators and circumvents detailed analysis of the manipulator's structure.

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