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Computer-assisted construction planning Rankin, Jeffrey Hudson


The research presented is entitled Computer-Assisted Construction Planning (CACP) and it explores the computer-assisted development of initial comprehensive (include elements of scope, cost, time, performance, and organization) construction plans, which the user can customize to suit a current project. A thorough investigation into the approaches taken for automated construction plan development was performed exploring the methods to capture and reuse planning information and the application of this knowledge to computer-assisted planning. The development of a common database for storage of all project information was completed through the selection and refinements of conceptual core models of several on-going model development projects. Validation of the developed model was performed while populating the developed database with actual project information. An interface for representing the hierarchical breakdown of project information was developed and a Case Based Reasoning approach was selected in light of the required functionality. The research recognizes and follows the path being established for integrated construction management systems that rely on a standard representation of the industry's information requirements. The core information structures were adopted and their validity confirmed by examining a broad application for an integrated system (i.e., planning beyond time and cost). By examining the comprehensive aspects of construction planning within the framework of an integrated construction management system the research demonstrated the usefulness of applying sound information representation structures (i.e., part and type relationships). Through the application of prudent information systems development approaches (i.e., data, process, and interface analyses), and the use of case-based reasoning, the research has advanced the concepts of planning tools as they apply to integrated systems. The research has employed sound information representation principles, explored the implementation of data management tools and techniques, and followed a rigorous development process. The resulting contributions to the research efforts in this area include, in addition to the data model and prototype deliverables, an integrated data model for construction management information, a prototype interface for an integrated construction management system, and a unique approach to assisted planning in support of a practical approach to planning.

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