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The Vancouver landfill : final closure strategy Foisy, Janine Jennifer


The body of work presented in this Thesis document provides a comprehensive examination of final cover design for municipal solid waste landfills. Accompanying general design principals is the investigation and resulting recommendations for issues specific to the closure of the Vancouver Landfill. The first objective of the Thesis was to develop a set of physical characteristics for soil materials, which would allow for the construction of a lowpermeability barrier layer meeting British Columbia guidelines. The second objective was to then use the developed soil criteria to evaluate the suitability of Lower Mainland soils. The physical characteristic of soil material, originating from trench excavations in Vancouver, was closely examined and the material evaluated for use in all layers of final cover design. The last objective of the Thesis was to investigate the use of alternative cover materials, including geosynthetics, in final cover design. The combination of a comprehensive literature review and the implementation of a program of soil sample collection and analysis allowed for the completion of the above objectives. Testing of soil samples included the determination of the grain size distribution to the clay fraction level. The major findings of the work are that soil sources in the City of Vancouver are not suitable for use in the construction of a low-permeability barrier layer. Suitable soil sources however, can be found in areas of Surrey and Langley. Trench excavation soil is recommended for use in the foundation layer of the final cover. Lastly, geosynthetic materials are a viable alternative to the use of soil in final cover design. A polyvinyl chloride (PVC) geomembrane would be the most suitable geosynthetic based barrier layer for the requirements of the Vancouver Landfill.

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