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Exposure based durability of FRP strengthened concrete Johnson, Martin McKay


Deteriorated concrete structures is a current problem facing Civil and Structural Engineers. Current repair techniques include replacement of the structure and or costly and expensive retrofits. . Current research is focusing on using Fiber Reinforced Plastics (FRPs) as a possible retrofit material. This study focuses on the durability issues surround and FRP techniques pioneered at the University of British Columbia. An FRP comprised of short glass fibers (GFRP) and polyester resins is sprayed on the tensile face of the deteriorated concrete. Early tests show that this has tremendous potential to be a cost effective method of retrofitting concrete structures. In order to further develop this material as an effective repair technique additional study on the durability of the material in neutral and high pH aqueous solutions at different exposure periods, with and with out pre stress on the concrete/FRP interface, was required. 72 concrete beams strengthened with GFRP and subject to different environmental exposures and concrete/FRP bond stress. The effect of exposure and bond pre stress is evaluated to determine the durability issues related to the use of GFRP as a concrete strengthening material. Study results are also used to provide analysis of the concrete/FRP bond. Based on the results of this study, recommendations regarding future study and the future use of GFRP as concrete strengthening material are made.

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