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Application of the dynamic one-dimensional model to pulp and paper mill wastewater clarifiers Lo, Ing-Wei


This thesis reports the results of research to calibrate the parameters of the Takacs model for pulp and paper sludge and to identify how the Takacs model works on pulp and paper wastewater clarifiers, as compared with municipal wastewater clarifiers. This research work involved zone settling tests for calibration of the model parameters, pilot scale tests and full scale clarifier simulations. The estimated parameter values for the pulp and paper (P&P) and municipal sludge are summarized in Table 1. Both the pulp and paper primary and secondary sludge can be simulated by the Takacs model under normal operating conditions. [Table 1 Diagram] Four clarifiers at the pulp and paper and municipal wastewater treatment plants were simulated. The results showed that all of the circular clarifiers could be simulated by this model, but the rectangular settling tank of this study required 2 or 3-dimensional modeling for a proper simulation. The waste sludge from both the primary and secondary clarifiers of the pulp and paper mill was about 1% higher in concentration than in the simulated result due to the fact that the sludge hoppers provide a long detention time for sludge thickening. Application of the calibrated Takacs model, however, can be of assistance in the design of new clarifiers. It can also be beneficial in operation assistance and risk management assessment for wastewater treatment plants. However, since the sludge at different treatment plants is specific and unique to each plant, the sludge in different situations may have different characteristics and therefore should be calibrated separately.

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