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Environmental risk modeling of infrasttructure projects Wang, Yugui


Risk management is an important function for all civil engineering projects, especially for P3 (Public Private Partnerships) projects, which are being widely considered as a procurement method for major civil engineering infrastructure projects. One or more attributes of the natural and man-made environmental components of a project in concert with the attributes of a physical component and/or those of an activity or a group of activities can act as risk drivers for a risk event. The likelihood of the event's occurrence and its quantum of consequences can be dependent on whether or not the risk drivers share the same site location, participant responsibility, and time interval. As modeling of a project's environment and related risks is very important for project risk management, knowledge-based constructs for representing a project's environmental and risk views are needed. These constructs should have capabilities to integrate a project's environmental view with its physical, process and organizational/contractual views to ensure thorough risk identification. This thesis work explores the robustness of constructs being developed as part of an extended research program on risk management to represent the environmental and risk views of a project. A comprehensive environmental component library that is applicable to civil infrastructure projects is compiled by applying these constructs based on an extensive literature review and study of actual project documents. Mitigation measures for environmental impact and risks are identified. Strategies for visualizing environmental features and associated risks are discussed and illustrated. These strategies help project participants to gain insights on the confluence of environmental properties and associated risks in time, space and by project participants. Two case studies are conducted to explore the relationship between components of the environmental breakdown structure and risk issues/events, including relevant risk event mitigation measures.

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