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A contribution to a practical approach to corrosion protection and coating maintenance of steel bridge structures Chan, Phyllis


This report summarizes the state-of-the-art practices in corrosion protection coating maintenance in British Columbia and worldwide. Details regarding maintenance policies, maintenance strategies, and maintenance materials are outlined. A computer-based decision making tool used to minimize the cost of coating maintenance for steel bridges is presented in this report. Variations of the model, adapted for specific use, are presented. A maintenance approach with the lowest equivalent uniform annual cost is recommended for each analysis using the model. The analysis may be performed for one bridge structure using deterministic or probabilistic input values or for all bridge structures of a certain inventory using deterministic input values. The variation of the model allowing analysis of the entire bridge inventory will provide an estimation of the annual budgetary requirements for the coating maintenance in a region and will facilitate the prioritization of these coating maintenance projects. From preliminary analyses using the Steel Bridge Coating Maintenance Evaluation Model, it is observed that the most cost efficient approach to coating maintenance is touch-up painting. However, the coating condition of the bridge must be kept high in order for this maintenance strategy to be applicable. Therefore, it might be necessary to temporarily increase the coating maintenance budget in order to improve the average condition. This will allow for a lower annual maintenance cost in the future, resulting in reduction of the total costs over the life-time of the bridges.

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