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Forces on a cylinder due to waves and a colinear current Buckingham, William Richard


A series of laboratory experiments was conducted to examine the oscillatory forces" and the wave runup on a vertical, circular, surface piercing, rigid cylinder in the presence of both waves and a colinear current. It was found that a current which ran opposite to the direction of wave propagation reduced the oscillatory force and the runup on the cylinder. The results for a current running in the same direction as the waves were more scattered, with some cases indicating an increase in force while others a decrease. The runup, however, increased in all cases. An innovative numerical technique which is currently under development was applied to this problem. The loads on the cylinder were obtained by a time stepping procedure in which the flow at each time step was calculated by an integral equation method based on Green's theorem. The general results of the numerical method agreed quite well with the experimental observations, within the constraints of some simplifying assumptions.

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