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Effect of confining pressure and particle angularity on resistance to liquefaction Tumi, Hadi Omran Zaglut


A study to investigate the effects of particle angularity and high confining stresses on liquefaction resistance of sands is presented. Two quartz sands of identical mineral composition and gradation but differing in particle angularity were used. The investigations were performed under cyclic simple shear condition which closely simulates field stress conditions. Resistance to liquefaction is compared for angular and rounded sands over a range of relative densities and confining stresses. Confining stress of up to 2500 kPa were applied to represent the condition of granular materials in high dams. The change in liquefaction resistance with increase in confining stress is shown for each sand for a range of relative densities. The data indicates that little benefit is gained in dynamic resistance by initially densifying tailings sands which will later be subjected to high confining stresses.

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