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Porewater pressure response of an artificial island to wave loading Yogendrakumar, Muthucumarasamy


Plans for the future development of hydrocarbon reserves in the Western Canadian Arctic are based on the use of Caisson retained and Tanker islands as platforms for exploration drilling and future production. At present, the design of these islands are based on current geotechnical engineering design procedures. As exploration progresses towards deeper waters, the need for secure designs is indeed necessary. To be able to achieve this, one requires more sophisticated analytical procedures with the ability to quantify the probable response of these islands to environmental loadings. The chief environmental loads are due to ice, wave and earthquake. A computer based method of analysis is presented for determining the porewater pressure response of these islands to wave loading. The method considers both dissipation and generation effects during wave loading. It also takes into account of the effect of increasing porewater pressure on soil properties. The computer program was used to analyse three different artificial islands subjected to different patterns of storm waves, each of duration 6 hours. The results of the analyses are presented and discussed.

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