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A system for writing interactive engineering programs in APL Samson, Brian R.


As the use of computers in engineering becomes more significant and widespread, there is a growing need for interactive computer programs which can be used with a minimum of user preparation. This thesis presents and demonstrates a system for writing interactive engineering programs in APL, a programming language. A good interactive program is sensitive to the needs of the user, and generally includes help features, default options, escape features and check features. To include all of these features in a conventionally organized program is complicated and tedious, especially for longer programs with many interaction events between the program and the user. The system presented here makes it fairly simple to include all of the above features, and provides two additional benefits: 1. The logic of the program becomes more prominent, hence easier to follow and check. 2. The program tends to be highly modular in form, making it more readable and easier to test and debug.

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