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Research dilatometer testing in sands and in clayey deposits Tsang, Clifford Hing-Cheung


The development of Marchetti's flat dilatometer, method of testing, changes of Marchetti's (1980,1981) original correlations and Schmertmann's (1982,1983) proposed correlations are briefly described. Factors affecting results of the dilatometer test (DMT) are discussed. In order to improve the understanding of the Marchetti dilatometer test (DMT), an electronic research dilatometer was developed at UBC. The research dilatometer can measure; pore pressure at the center of the membrane, membrane displacement, applied pressure, pushing force and verticality. Test results obtained from the research dilatometer in sand and in clayey deposits at 4 sites in the Lower Mainland of B.C. are presented. Soil parameters interpretated using Marchetti's (1980,1981) and Schmertmann's (1982,1983) correlations are discussed. Comparison is made to other in-situ testing methods such as cone penetration test, vane shear test and pressuremeter test. Based on a better understanding of the DMT, future potential methods of improving or checking the existing correlations are proposed.

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