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Computerized Daily Construction Site Reporting System (DSRS) Tse, Roger Lai Ming


The concept of daily site reporting is not new to the construction industry. For years, superintendents have been completing daily site reports by pencil and paper and then filing them away at the end of the day. In the event of a construction dispute, the company is faced with the tedious task of having to search through these reports for the pertinent information. Often, this task is further complicated by the fact that much of the data was entered without standard formats and descriptions. Daily site reporting can benefit from standardization and computerization. The objective of this thesis was to develop a conceptual design of a micro-computer based Daily Construction Site Reporting System (DSRS) which would operate as an integral part of a construction project monitoring and control system. By tracking a project on a daily basis throughout its construction duration, the DSRS is able to provide immediate feedback to the Scheduling and Cost Control Systems. This is an important step towards real-time monitoring and control of a construction job. With this system in place, not only can claims preparation be facilitated, but status information on individual activities, frequency of occurrence of different problem types, and their impact on achieving productivity and scheduled targets may also be generated. Examples of such analysis using project information are provided. The DSRS consists of a Data Collection System and a Data Reporting System. The development of the former involved designing data collection forms and gradually improving them by field testing. The sample output reports presented in this thesis were prepared with the data collected on a local high-rise condominium project using these forms. A prototype Data Collection System has been programmed for a micro-computer using dBASE III PLUS. The current state of development of the Data Reporting System is limited to the design of a report generator and filter.

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