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Operation and diagnostics of wastewater treatment facilities using an expert system Chilibeck, Barry Michael


This research examines the use of microcomputer-based expert systems as a diagnostic tool and an operational aid of conventional secondary wastewater treatment facilities. The research has shown that rule-based systems are well suited for the domain of wastewater treatment facilities operations using observational information. Advances in expert systems software combined with increased microcomputer processing power have made this development work possible with personal computers. These systems possess the capability to provide fully automated diagnostics and process control as well as acting as a teaching and development tool for operators in full-scale treatment facilities. The thesis describes the technical aspects of wastewater treatment as applied to the development of a finished knowledge base system called WASTES (WAStewater Treatment Expert System). The thesis also discusses the development of the knowledge bases from their sources to implementation in the system. Recommendations and conclusions are also presented along with potential areas for further research.

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