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Two-layer exchange flow through a contraction with frictional effects Cheung, Emily Anne


The gravitational exchange of two fluids of different density through a convergent-divergent contraction is considered. Two-layer exchange flow theory is extended to include frictional effects with an emphasis on the interfacial friction. The magnitude of the interfacial friction is found to be greater than previously suggested and may be vital to the analysis of exchange flows. Experiments modelling gravitational exchange flow through a convergent-divergent contraction were conducted in the hydraulics laboratory at the University of British Columbia to test the hydraulic solutions that have been developed on two-layer exchange flow. A comparison of the theoretical solutions and experimental results is made. Experiments conducted provide data for evaluating the theoretical findings and help in locating the hydraulic controls of the experiment along with quantifying the magnitude of interfacial friction coefficient. A comparison is made between numerous values obtained for the interfacial friction coefficients by previous investigators and the experimental results of the present study. Flow visualization is used to study the Kelvin-Helmholtz and Holmboe instabilities that form at the interface of the two layers.

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