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Computer design of steel framed buildings Foo, Frankie L. C.


The art of structural design lies in the selection of the most suitable structural system for a given structure. The arrangement of beams, girders, trusses and columns to support gravity design loads determines the economy and functional suitability of a building. Much of the cost of a steel framed building is in the floor system. Due to the lack of suitable optimization schemes, numerous trial designs might be necessary to ensure that the most economical system has been selected. Therefore, a computer program is developed as a design aid to make such studies practical in a design office. The program, developed on a mini-computer, is capable of designing structural components of steel framed buildings. These components include gravity columns and floor framing members such as simply supported beams and girders, cantilevers, beams and girders with overhangs, trusses and stub-girders. The program is based on the requirements of CSA Standard CAN3-S16.1-M78, "Steel Structures for Buildings-Limit States Design". In addition to its ability to select steel sections, quantity take-off and cost estimates features are incorporated in the program.

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