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In-line forces on a slender structure subjected to combined waves and currents Hughes, Brian R.


The present investigation considers the hydrodynamic forces acting on a slender structure subjected to a combined wave and current flow regime. The experimental aspect of the study measured the in-line peak-to-peak forces on a vertical cylinder mounted in a wave-current flume. Although there were some inconsistencies in the data, the general trend indicated a substantial increase in the force with a positive underlying current and a less pronounced increase for a negative current. A numerical analysis of the problem evaluated Morison's equation using the current-invariant force transfer coefficients and flow kinematics obtained through Stokes Fifth Order Wave Theory. The results of this analysis revealed a trend qualitatively similar to that found experimentally. The important distinction between the results obtained through the experimental investigation and those obtained numerically was the consistent over-prediction observed in the numerical analysis.

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