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Removal of heavy metals from wastewater using granular coal Saravanabawan, Thirugnana


Batch tests were performed to evaluate the relative performance of four B.C. coals (Hat Creek Oxidised, Kaiser-stock pile refuse, Kaiser-special plant feed and Cominco Ash) in removing heavy metals copper, lead, zinc and mercury from filtered primary sewage treatment plant effluent. Emphasis was placed on metal concentrations of 10 mg/l and less. Hat Creek coal was found to be much superior to the other three and its efficiency is comparable to that of Darco activated carbon 12 x 20. Hat Creek and Kaiser-stock pile refuse coals were further used in column tests to evaluate the relative performance of these coals in removing copper, lead and zinc under dynamic conditions. Again emphasis was placed on influent metal concentrations of 10 mg/1 and less and once more the performance of Hat Creek coal was much superior to that of Kaiser coal. Tests with activated carbon indicate Hat Creek coal to be a close competitor for use in advanced waste treatment for heavy metal removal.

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