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Fuzzy linear programming and reservoir management Kaseke, Evans


The presence of imprecision in parameter specification of water resources management problems leads to the formulation of fuzzy programming models. This thesis presents the formulation of a two-reservoir system problem as a fuzzy L.P. model. The aim is to determine if larger monetary benefits, over and above the usual benefits, can be obtained from the system. The other aim is to determine if desired industrial and domestic water allocations, as well as outflows for selected periods can be achieved. The problem is formulated as a conventional L.P. model. Then selected water allocations and outflows are fuzzified resulting in a fuzzy L.P. model. The alternative fuzzy L.P. model is also presented. Monetary benefits larger than those from the conventional L.P. were obtained through the fuzzy L.P. model. The desired water allocations and outflows were also realised for selected periods. Sensitivity information was obtained for fuzzy and non-fuzzy constraints. The alternative fuzzy L.P. model did not give additional valuable information than that obtained from the initial fuzzy L.P. model.

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