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The effect of particle gradation on the undrained behaviour of sand Fisher, Jennifer M.


The effect of particle gradation on the undrained monotonic and cyclic loading behaviour is presented. Straight line gradations of Earls Creek sand with varying coefficients of uniformity and identical mineralogy and D₅₀ were tested, using the triaxial test. Improved sample preparation techniques were used to ensure sample uniformity. The data indicates that, under monotonic loading, the relative shear-induced compressibilities due to a variation in the coefficient of uniformity are a function of the type of loading. Cyclic loading tests on isotropically consolidated samples showed that the effect of particle gradation depends on the relative density. At low relative densities, (less than about 45%), the well graded sand had greater cyclic strength than the uniform sand. At high relative densities, (greater than about 60%), this trend was reversed.

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