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Strain rate behaviour of Saint-Jean-Vianney clay Robertson, Peter K.


A series of constant rate of strain compression tests and creep rupture tests have been performed on undisturbed, isotropically consolidated quick clay from the Saint-Jean-Vianney region, Quebec Province, Canada. Both drained and undrained tests were performed in conventional triaxial equipment. Also included is the data obtained from a series of Ko consolidation tests performed by Dr.Y.P. Vaid at U.B.C. Saint-Jean-Vianney clay, hereafter referred to as S.J.V. clay, is a stiff, heavily overconsolidated, cemented clay, from the site of the Saint-Jean-Vianney slide of 1971. The testing of this, very stiff, cemented clay proved to be very difficult due to it's very stiff and brittle nature, combined with it's lenses of silt and fine sand. The consolidation testing showed that the preconsolidation pressure could vary from 7.5 Kg/cm² to 12 Kg/cm² depending on the strain rate of the test. Snead (1970) and Campanella and Vaid (1972) performed similar creep tests on a local clay, known as Haney clay. The analysis of the creep tests performed on S.J.V. clay showed similar relationships to those reported by Snead and, Campanella and Vaid, but because of the extremely stiff nature of this clay the scatter of the results was more than that reported for Haney clay. The testing indicated a possible stress-strain-strain rate relationship may exist along with a possible drained failure criterion. The results obtained from this research were very dependent on the bonding of this clay, and indicate that the bond strength appears to be a function of strain rate.

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