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Storm flows of the Lower Fraser Valley Taylor, John W.


Unit hydrographs are derived for four watersheds in the Lower Fraser Valley using a computerized least squares technique. These unit hydrographs are then related to specific basin characteristics so that synthetic unit hydrographs can be constructed for the ungauged basins in the area. After attempting several techniques to relate the unit hydrographs to basin characteristics both the time-to-peak and the peak flow were related to the basin slope, shape, channel length and degree of urbanization. To more fully define the synthetic unit hydrograph shape, the unit hydrograph widths at 50 per cent and 75 per cent of the peak flow were related to the peak flow. In this way five points can be used to establish the unit hydrograph shape (one for the peak and four for the widths). Other results included estimates of average infiltration rates for each basin calculated from rainfall and runoff data.

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