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Stability of the Kamloops silt bluffs Lum, Ken King Yee


Stability problems are encountered within the gIacioIacustrine silts of the South Thompson Valley near Kamloops, British Columbia. Field investigations have been carried out examining slope failures, piping and collapse features typical of the area. The strength parameters, collapse mechanism and the nature of the cohesion of the silt were examined in the laboratory. The sensitivity of the soil to slight inputs of water has been examined in detail from the strength and structural stability aspects. A collapse mechanism has been proposed for the lacustrine silt. Although the colluvium derived from the lacustrine silt is known to be highly collapsible, only preliminary laboratory tests have been performed on the colluvial material. The short and long term stability of the slopes have been studied with consideration given to the effects of urban development. Based on stability considerations, a possible zoning scheme for urban development has been proposed.

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