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Behaviour of wood under compression perpendicular to grain loading Hall, Christopher Percival


Present methods of determining design values for compression perpendicular to grain involves the testing of specimens of one specific geometry. The geometry of this test is very different from the geometries of bearing conditions occurring in practice. It was hypothesized that this test does not represent actual bearing conditions in practice and the object of this thesis was to find a more representative method of designing for compression perpendicular to grain. This thesis found the behaviour of wood in compression perpendicular to grain loading is strongly dependent on geometry in both the linear and nonlinear ranges of applied loading. A finite element analytical model, verified by testing, was used for the analysis. The analysis found the deflection is strongly dependent on the modulus of elasticity perpendicular to grain and nearly independent of other material properties. Also the capacity was found to be dependent on a characteristic material term and only weakly dependent on other material properties. A design method, one which includes an estimate of the deflection of the bearing plate, was developed from the results of this research. This proposed design method is valid for the capacities of the different geometries of bearing conditions occurring in practice.

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