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The behaviour of small moored vessels in surge and sway Taylor, Paul Steven


The behaviour of small moored vessels in motions of surge and sway when subjected to a regular incident wave train has been examined. Model tests were performed in a partially standing wave system and experimental results compared to those generated by a computer model. Variables in the analysis include wave height, wave length, wave period, position in a partial standing wave, moorage material stiffness, method of moorage, existence of protection fender, and amount of line slackness. Results indicate a frequency dependence with strong opportunity for resonance for soft moorage systems. Vessel response is affected significantly by wave height, wave frequency and degree of reflection. It is recommended that criteria for marina design should include consideration of all three wave characteristics and suggested design values are presented. Also, to minimize the opportunity for resonant amplification, stiff moorage systems should be adopted by using stiff moorage material, short lines and minimal slackness.

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