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Calibration of the gravity model using inter-urban truck data in B. C. Baker, James Douglas


This thesis concerns a survey of inter-regional or inter-urban commercial truck traffic at weigh scales in B.C. and how parts of the information collected can be used to calibrate a gravity model of the type proposed by the Federal Highways Administration (U. S. A.). The results of the calibration of both the 27 and 31 node models are compared with previous, calibration efforts In an intra-urban context. There is a relatively detailed presentation of the design and completion of this type of survey. Also, the role of the gravity model of trip distribution in the planning process is explained. A new method of determining the inter-zonal impedance is used. This impedance is based on trip cost and takes into account such things as type of terrain (level, rolling, mountainous). The results indicate that the calibration was successful. The use of the gravity model of trip distribution would appear to be an appropriate technique in the analysis of inter-urban commercial truck traffic.

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