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Computation of seismic deformations of offshore slopes on clays and sands Abayakoon, Sarath Bandara Samarasinghe


A critical review of presently available methods for analysing offshore slopes under earthquake loading is presented herein. New methods of analysis, based on both rigid body mechanics and flexible non-linear constitutive equations are presented and discussed. In rigid body type analyses, a yield acceleration is calculated and displacements are evaluated by double integrating the accelerations in excess of the yield. This type of analyses takes neither the amplification or deamplification of the acceleration through the deposit nor the continuous relative displacements throughout the soil mass into account. Furthermore, when the slope is submerged, buoyant and pore water pressures must be included in the analysis. Flexible, non-linear computer models are available to overcome the drawbacks in rigid body methods. Two recently developed non-linear models, DONAL-2 and DCHARMS, are described. Rigid body analysis methods are compared with nonlinear models by applying them to calculate displacements of example slopes. On the basis of the results of these comparisons, it was concluded that the displacements of offshore slopes should be computed by non-linear analyses.

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