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Energy transfer and complex formation in systems of aromatic hydrocarbons Moodie, Margaret Marion


The transfer of energy from one species of hydrocarbon to another has been observed. The conditions under which such transfer occurs indicate that one aromatic hydrocarbon may be absorbed onto crystals of the other forming a surface complex with a binding energy of a few hundred calories. Transfer of energy occurs readily between the components of this complex but not between molecules of different hydrocarbons when both are in solution. However, evidence for resonance transfer of energy between pairs of molecules of the same substance when both are in solid solution has been found. Studies of a large number of hydrocarbons have failed to reveal any single electronic property of the molecule which determines its ability to form complexes of the type found. The techniques developed were applied to a preliminary study of the rate of disappearance of carcinogenic hydrocarbons applied to the skin of mice. Also included are literature surveys on the known interactions of polycyclic hydrocarbons, the mode of reaction of carcinogenic hydrocarbons with living cells, and the spectral properties of chlorophyll.

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